Add noise to edges of voronoi cells?


Is there a way to add noise along cell edges created from voronoi textures?

I have a simple f2-f1 voronoi texture:


How can add noise to cell outlines?

i.e. for each outline:


I can never figure out where to add noise textures in my node setups. Any help much appreciated!

The noise textures work by evaluating vector positions and calculating the output based on a given position. If you distort these positions, the output also gets distorted. HOWEVER, you cannot simply put in a noise to the vector input of the voronoi node to get this effect. The reason is, that if you have nothing connected, blender automatically assumes this setup in the background:

“Distorting” the vector input means somehow manipulating the values without completely overwriting it. You cannot go wrong by starting additively with a scaling node to control the amount of distortion:

Or this:

Another way (depending on what effect you are going for) is to multiply the output of two voronoi nodes:


If you want noise at the edges you can do this.For control play with the color mix rgb multi fac.


@pixelgrip Wow, many thanks - this is exactly what I was looking for. And a nice easy set up too. A lot of “somewhat similar” textures I have seen end up with insane node trees, too difficult to pick apart for me.

@LordoftheFleas This is useful info thanks - not quite what I was trying to get, but I do think some of those of set ups will be useful for other projects…