Add object and ray sensor


I have an object with a ray sensor on my main layer. Then i use the “add object” actuator to add objects dynamically to my scene. I use a property in the ray sensor and all the added objects on the scene has this property set to True, but the ray sensor doesn’t detect them. What can it be? I know all the properties and logic brick from the objects are imported with them when using the “add object”.

What can I be doing wrong?

Thanks in advice.

Post the .blend man!

Hi marshall I Think there is an issue with GE 2,42 a & 2.43 see my new thread

Make sure the objects you want to be the ray and the object to detect are on the same layer,
that is what I do to work around this…

It is more easy to just use a invisible plane and a collision sensor rather than Ray or Near. (sucks up less CPU power too)

Let’s see.

I have a table in my scene, and I want that when a ray hits the table, an object of another layer appears in the hit position of the table. That works for me. But now, I want the new appeared object to be sensitive to the ray, which doesn’t work by now.

If I had the objects in the same layer of the ray sensor and the table, maybe it’d work, but then, the Add object actuator wouldn’t work. (The objects it add MUST be on another layer)

What can I do?

As I said in another thread, there’s a bug in Blender 2.43: added static objects don’t have collision meshes excluding the last added. Moreover, all actuators which are applied to the last added object are also applied to all other added static objects. This bug is not present if the objects are dynamic. It is propably related to Bullet 2.0 upgrade.