add object from inactive scene

hi im a 2.49b user…

wonder if bge can add object from different scene to current scene?

i have an issue with animated textures(edited in uv/image editor using realtime propeties panel) on a simple plane object. i just want the animated textures constantly start from 1st frame whenever the plane is added to current layer. so i believe putting the plane object to inactive scene should solve the problem? using layer method doesnt work in this case
any help will do… thx

Blender doesn’t really support trans-scene object transfers in runtime. Why doesn’t the layer method work? Have you tried using an empty to spawn it in from a hidden layer, deleting it when the animation is done?

The data to be used with AddObject (or the AddObjectActuator) need to be present in the scene.

This can be because it will be loaded at scene start (part of the scene, or linked into the scene).
Alternative you can dynamically load the data via LibLoad.

Edit: your problem is a bit different. You can’t use the build-in animated texture. You need to animate it by yourself via Python code. I suggest you do a search for “uv-scroll”. You should find plenty of resources.

thx Monster, just found out a uvscroll script from the net, its works just fine but not what i wanted. just wish it to scroll in ‘discrete’ manner, not continously so we can actually see the animation is played frame by frame. if u are free
to help just take a look at the .blend file? its 2.49b anyway


uvscroll.blend (571 KB)