ADD On Archipack 20.9 can't add it on

Hi all, first time poster so let me know if I’ve not included what may be needed for help from this fantatic community! I’m brand new to Blendr and I purchased the latest Archipak 20.9. When I try to add it on I get this error message. What could I be doing wrong? I did delete the old Archipack files that weren’t supported and closed down Blendr. Installed the new Archipak, closed down Blendr again, reopened, found the new add on and then a traceback error.

I wanted to copy/paste it here, but I see that I am unable to do that! Darn.

THanks in advance.

Wecome :tada:,
to upload some files you have to spent some minutes (not hours) here in the forum or just run through the welcome tutorial… pasting some text should bepossible.
Anyway: i’m not sure if you meant this own with it’s own thread here on BA:

You should find download link for latest version (2.4.0) in e-mail from
Once downloaded, setup over and restart blender.

I did all of that. I’m getting an error message and it won’t let me add the add on.

Looks like you did not download the latest version. Take a look at your e.mails, possibly in spam folder.

I downloaded from the link sent to me when I purchased it. I def have the most recent version.

2.0.9 is not the latest one, this old version is only available on gumroad’s store.
Have no record of download on archipack website server for your copy.
Did you get the download link by e-mail ?

There were three file downloads on the screen after I paid for it. I downloaded them all.

The developer of this addon is talking to you after you wasn’t able to use any support information and you are telling him what the most recent version is… And still you aren’t able to tell when and where you purchased this?? Is it possible that you just paid the wrong thing:

on a wrong website ???