Add-on : Camera Cropper

This free add-on allows you to replace a Region Render by an actual camera and places the render result back into the original frame.

It mostly addresses the issue that many network rendering tools and renderfarms don’t support region rendering. This add-on solves that problem for all of them and for most camera types.

Download it on Gitlab

Watch the tutorial

For the old farts there is a version for Blender 2.7x

:information_source: The 2.7x version has the additional feature of splitting the frame in a grid to make distributed single-frame rendering, which has not yet been added to the 2.8 version for lack of a demand for such a feature. However, feel free to tell me if you would have a use for it.

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Thanks ChameloenScale,
Congrats too! Useful add-on.
Could you explain all options, please? :eyebrowlift2:

You’re right, I updated the description.
I will also do a tutorial on it some day.

Ha mais tu es français, où ai-je la tête en voyant ton prénom, j’ai pensé à l’Italie…j’aurais du penser à la Corse peut-être…
Bon courage pour la suite alors…

hé oui, c’est Portugais en fait.

Comme mon beau-cousin alors! You are welcomme!
At soon…

Usefull thing. Thank you

Just coming to say that since Sheep it changed its rendertime limit policy allowing for longer render times, I may not need to improve this add-on for my personal use, but if someone needs some particular features or improvements feel free to ask and I’ll see what I can do.

Wow! did its job! :wink:
I mean, I found this useful addon by posting a proposal there. Nice!
Again thanks a lot Caetano.

Glad to see I didn’t do it for myself alone !

cool! thanks alot man!

btw I played a bit with the splitting feature but it looks buggy to me: It doesn’t create perfect tiles to be joined at the end: 2x2 and 4x4 modes create many ‘overlapping’ tiles, it seems that there’s an offset on the X axis. And perhaps on the Y as well

Hmm, I’m using it these days and have no problem at all.
Did you follow the steps given in the readme ?
My first guess is you forgot to set the keyframes interpolation to Constant. I know it should be done automatically but I’ve tried many python commands and none worked. I guess in the mean time I could simply make the code add more keyframes so it works with the bezier interpolation. The interpolation doesn’t seem to affect motion blur anyway. I guess camera blur doesn’t account for shift X and Y, which I think it should though.

My apologies: I forgot to set constant interpolation… :o

Tell your questions here to obtain a deepest answer, please:

Good Luck!

Thanks Spirou4D, I’ll ask for help when I find the time to get back in the code.

For everyone, apart from that, I just made an easy-to-use node setup to combine the rendered tiles of split frames & animations in the compositor, which I will eventually make a more complete version of and publish, but if you need it asap tell me.

Thanks for the addon.
Is it possible to add an option to crop camera view to the same size than render border without any zooming ?

I don’t really see the point of adding it as an option (could you elaborate on your use case ?) but you can simply set the focal length back to its original value.

Well I’m using another render engine which does not respect render borders when viewport rendering. If you have info how to do it, I can fork your addon. I’m using it for material creating.

do you also want it to restore the shift X and Y to zero ?