Add-on: Create turnaround rotation of the camera around object

I created a simple Add-on to create a rotation of the camera around an object. I was thinking to add as an option in Archimesh, but decided to make as separate option.

The use is very simple and fast, and allows you to create various effects.

I know this can be done manually with Blender, but it’s easier to click a button :slight_smile:

The use is: Select object->Press button->That’s it

You can download in:

You can see a video with more info in:

Another nice add-on… all your add-ons are very useful and very user friendly… thanks a lot… : - )

I have received the suggestion to add a lens effect called “Dolly zoom”, so I have added.

This effect change the lens focal length dinamically.

Download version 0.2

Thank you for this, it’s a time-saver.

Time-saving and handy! Thank you very much!

It would been useful if the plugin would set the “track To” constraint to the new empty with To: -Z Up: Y.

EDIT: created a pull request

Very nice! I think this is a great idea. Even though it is a simple enough task this speeds up work. :wink:

I have added your code and added a parameter too.

Thank you very much

Thank you, that’s useful.

Thanks a lot! This is a pretty useful add-on.

Hi Antonioya,

thanks for that cool addon! It works great. :smiley:

Any chance of making it able to control any object besides the camera?

I’ve been looking for an addon like Carrara’s Spin Modifier which is very easy
to use.

Could you give more detail of this addon (Carrara’s spin)?

Hi Antonioya,

here is the Spin Modifier in Carrara…it doesn’t depend on
fps or degrees of rotation.

It can be controlled with keyframes, and the curve can be modified
with ease in/out, bezier, etc.

Thanks for considering it…would be great to have similar control in Blender. :smiley:

Great addon dude, Very handy and time saving.

Can anyone else confirm that it doesn’t show up on the UI in 2.71?

Yes, it works. Be sure to select the “Grease pencil” tab.

Good addon, fyi, in 2.71 it shows up in every tab, not just Grease Pencil

Hi Antonioya!

Thanks for your work, the addon it’s a time saver especially for modelling students whom don’t have time to learn any animation topic.

For this purpose I have a (hopefully) tiny suggestion: the keyframes added by the addon have a Bezier interpolation. It would be great if you can select a Linear interpolation too. It’s mandatory for making turn around looped videos.

Thanks y gracias!

(Antonio) Buch

@ Antonioya,

Thanks for the Another nice add-on…

How to add keyframe (Z-rotation) so that the loop is seamless like this video: