[Add-on] Instant Meshes Remesh

(Axel Richter) #41

Thanks for that tip. i read this to fast. well english is not my motherspeak :wink:
I dt knowed exactly blender need zip. or .py dat before.

But Yes now is showed in Blender.

i unzipped the file, go to instandmesh.py and load it into addons.

Thanks Peetie for your little dash on my head :wink:

(riccardo) #42

Iā€™m using your plugin but I get this problem with my texture on the instant meshed model. How can I fix this? Did anyone incounter this problem?

(knekke) #43

The script runs the function bpy.ops.object.data_transfer (check here)
Check line 151 in my script if there are some better options that could solve your problem (e.g. instead of NEAREST use the interpolated_nearest options). Good luck and let me know how it goes.

(1cromos) #44

i have linux mint 17
and blender 279, i try to istall istant mesh
and there is a problem
due to a error that appear when i try to apply istant remesh

another problem do not see the instant remesch button
that opens the program

what is the correct istallation of the add on?

can you help me with a step by step
thankyou very much for help



(knekke) #45

can you run Instant Meshes standalone from the commandline?

(1cromos) #46

Thanks for the reply,
for standalone what do you mean?

Iā€™m not an expert you can show me the step by step procedure
thank you so much

(knekke) #47

open a terminal window, navigate to the location where Instant Meshes is installed and run it.

(1cromos) #48

in this image you can to see the folder with the zip file and instant
meshes but when i try
not run

(knekke) #49

Yeah, but what can I do? You have to figure out if the problem is with Instant Meshes itself (does it run as a standalone application?). If that works fine then we can talk again.