[Add-on] Manage Blender Projects - MBP

"Manage Blender Projects" is a blender project manager that helps you to manage your projects and clients within the blender panel!

List of the features that include in the MBP addon:

  1. Manage your blender projects and clients within blender, keep track of your projects progress and save all the project details (project status, project start and finish date, project income, client name, etc.) in the blender N-Panel.
  2. Open your projects blender file or folder from the projects list so you do not need to search for them in all of your computer.
  3. The addon creates for you all the folders that you want when creating a new project and saves the blender file in the right folder.
  4. Track the time that you work on your projects.

  1. Export all your project data to a csv file so you can see a nice summery of your projects and work.

MBP Lite:
For non-freelancers - you can try also the “Lite” version.
The “MBP Lite” is a simple version of the “Manage Blender Projects” for non-freelancers. you have only a simple projects list (without the client’s list). you can add the project name, status, and notes.


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Fantastic addon! Worth checking out

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Thanks Evan!

finally! I’m working on many projects simultaneously, and this addOn helps me to keep things organized and track better my progress.
Thank you

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Thx for the good feedback!
im happy to hear that my addon help you and save your time!

Great Job!
Was actually in the planning stage of making a similar addon like this but you beat me to it haha! I’ll definitely be buying this in a couple of days or a week.

I see a time tracker is in the works. That will be probably one of the best addition for me. maybe like a smart tracker that knows when you’re not really working even if your blender scene is open? Anyway, I look forward to updates on this tool, and all the best!

Oh, one more thing? feature-request maybe? it would be really cool to export an invoice or a specific project statistic directly from blender. Like, imagine I was making a character for a client. the first blend file could focus on sculpting, the next would be on texturing or rigging, etc, It could even be that I can assign multiple tasks right in the same blend file and the addon records how much time I spent for each task (sculpting and retopo are two different tasks that could happen on the same blend file for example) and then when I’m down with that project the addon can export an invoice or file that describes the project as follows:

Head sculpt___Date/Time_____Date/time_____ X hrs_____$$______ made face
Head sculpt___Date/Time_____Date/time_____ X hrs_____$$______ face detail
Body sculpt___Date/Time_____Date/time_____ X hrs_____$$______ base modeling
Invoice summary:
Subtotal = $$$$____ other cost = $$$$ Total = $$$$$$$$$

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Thx man!
It was really heartwarming to read your response!
the time tracker will be smart and will be count your time only when the blender windows are open and you are working.
and about the feature request, its sound good idea, but it will take me some time to add it (i need to change the structure of the addon a little bit to support it). maybe in the future i will add it!
and if you have more idea or feature request you can write them here also!

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Great work man, looks like a really helpful tool.

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Thanks man!

i made a new cover for the store (the old one wasn’t good enough), what do you think about it?

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Looks like a really useful addon! I love the csv export feature.

Really looking forward to the time tracking feature as well.

I have a couple of questions -

  • Will it be possibble to (maybe optionally) track real world time, not only the time spent in Blender? Thinking of workflows that would involve other packages as well.

  • Is it possible to pause a project (in case one is waiting for client feedback for example)?

  • Do you plan on adding a way to sort and possibly color code the list (in case it get’s really long) based on project status or starting dates?

  • When setting the folder structure in the addon settings, to add subfolders to a structure can one simply add them as “folder_A/subfolder_A, folder_B/subFolder_B, etc.”?

Keep up the good work!

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1 - i don’t sure that i understand your question, you want to get a summery the will show you the time that you work on the project? something like this: Sunday : 10:00 - 12:30, mon - 09:00 - 14:00…?

2 - you can change the status of a project to “Hold” for this case (and the time count only when the project is open).

3 - I hope that in the next version it will be possible to add subfolder as well.

and thx again for the good feedback and the great idea!

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Yes, exactly. I’m starting to work on a project on Monday, using Blender for modeling, UVs from 8:00-12:00, I’m closing Blender then using Substance from 12:30-15:00 then it’s back to Blender again from 15:30-17:00 for presentation.

It’d be neat to have the option to keep the time running even when Blender is not running, since other packages might be used during a production.

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it’s a nice idea for blender time summery, but I don’t sure that an addon in blender can detect what other program you are using…
but maybe i will add this option so you can enter the info by your self…
Thx for the idea!

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I was thinking more as in using the general python datetime module instead of blenders internal one, since many things can constitute working on a project apart from using other softwares - taking notes, looking for reference online, having a zoom meeting, answering emails on your phone or simply having lunch.

The way I would use it is similar to most other project management softwares - if a project is started it counts the time (a user set value of hours/day) until it’s either put on hold or stopped.

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yes, sound like a good idea, thx!

Awesome! no worries take your time and do what you can. It’s a great addon already. And I would know as I bought it yesterday :slight_smile:

Here’s another request though. It will be a great idea to give the user the ability to change the directory of a client and project when necessary. I’m trying to migrate a clients project I was already working on before getting the addon and it seems the only way is to redo it from scratch and then paste the files into the appropriate folders

Would be also useful to have a “country” input in the client info. (just a text field like the rest)

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I’m working on this now for the next version.
but for now you can add the client and the projects that you want in the addon, and then just copy the file to the new folder of the project

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UPDATE - “MBP Lite”.
i add a new simple and cheap version to the store.

The “MBP Lite” is a simple version of the “Manage Blender Projects” for non-freelancers. you have only a simple projects list (without the client’s list). you can add the project name, status, and notes.