Add-on pack, to be (help appreciated)

At the moment getting all the add-ons is a massive drag. And add-ons can and do so much!:yes:

I would like to have all of the add-ons in one easy to upload spot, and a working-bleedingedge pack at that spot.

I am willing to collect, test, sort, and upload the add-ons, I will also keep the pack up to date.

I am asking for everyone to send me the add-ons they use, have used, have lying around, old or new(I will organize it). You can e-mail them to me, or link them.

If you would please, add links to add-on sites, such as, github and so on. In case I missed any.

Where do you guys suggest me uploading it to? I was thinking of making it on git.

I am asking for all the old add-ons, and non-working, pre-commercial/beta. So that we can fix, expand or learn from it.

I am a new-born when it comes to coding/scripting. I will be learning python, probably c# and some c eventually. I want to make an add-on/implement, auto add-on dowloading and updating into blender. I have, null experience with python thusfar. When I am more experienced, I will try to expand, fix and create add-ons.

e-mail: [email protected]
Please add a subject similar to blender add-on object assembler, not required though.

Nice initiative, but how about updating the old wiki style page that lists add ons ?
As a benefit you stay within the web realm

Maybe overthere you could make it a bit more explained (having sub pages for the bit complexer ones, explaining them).

I was thinking of doing something similar, also with the manual being “re-made”. The capabilities, issues, etc of add-ons and scripts are beyond my ken for now.

I have nearly downloaded all of the scripts and add-ons related to blender, from here, git-hub, and the add-on bloglist, that alone has taken a very long time. I have played with very few of them in the recent blender(nevermind previous releases). It is extremely time consuming. By testing them, I try to find tutorials and such. I gather and organise the info. Which would allow me to easily iterate for wiki usage later on.

When I am done downloading, I will sort and upload. I will keep testing, and slowly but surely get to learning some code. Some of the add-ons are for areas I am not completely familiar with. I know very little about the game engine.

My main objective is to get and update add-ons easily. Many people have liked the idea.

Hm in my opinion the wiki is still a lot more useable then the manual currently is, short texts to the point; So you can go quickly back to render work. But it could use some modern updates, for example in particles, include links to youtube fire tutorials etc.

Fair point, generally things are just copied from the wiki. Will get to it a.s.a.p. Have sorted most of the add-ons, and will list what I have.

Here is my current list, List is made from within Blender, order is descending as it is in Blender. Minor spelling mistakes might have been made on some names in the list.

Please send add-ons which you have and do not see listed.

The list does have things that are useless, but will have to neglect for now. I would like to figure which versions of each add-on I have, but have not had enough time.

Many with the [] brackets, are not listed, or might be duplicates.

Author(Nikolaus Morawitz) of object assembler, his website( has been down for quite some time. Someone on IRC(newbs) apparently e-mailed the author, but was banned on the blender channel. I have found no way of contacting the author.

Still majorly sorting, and figuring out how best to share and keep updated.

Wiki/manual guys got back to me about the wiki, no more registrations will be accepted. But an exception was made for me to work on the add-ons section, because the manual links directly to the wiki.

If anyone would like some of these add-ons and cannot find them, please do not hesitate to ask. I am usually on the #blender IRC as well.