Add-on workspace list- What the @#$%^&*

I don’t understand how to use the Addons in the 3D view. How do I limit those available to each workspace and filter the others out while not turning turning them off elsewhere?

I don’t believe you do. That would require maintaining a whole bunch of discrete python environments, which I don’t think Blender can do. If I understand correctly it’s meant to just disable addons on a per-file basis.

Tick Filter Add-ons and tick the ones you want?

My understanding of it is that is that not only can you filter which addons you want active within each Workspace but you can narrow it down even further if you wish and filter them also by Mode within each Worspace. AFAIK you’d have to Save Startup File to get these to stick unlike changes made in Preferences.

The problem I’m having is that eg. if I enable an add-on in the properties panel, it is also enabled in the layout workspace. Are saying that saving it as startup will solve this issue?

To exclude an addon from any Workspace you have to go to that Workspace, check Filter Add-ons and tick everything apart from the addon or addons you wish to exclude. By default as soon as you tick Filter Add-ons it’s filtering them all out. You are re-ticking the ones you do want to see in that Workspace.

EDIT: Scratch what I said above about filtering addons additionally by mode. That’s not the case. You can filter them or not filtter them by Workspace alone. The dropdown Mode thing is purely to set the default mode of each Workspace.

Thanx, that’ll help a lot!