Add shortcut if not exist

I know really little about Python…
you can add a shortcut to a checkbox?
Particularly to “Lock camera to view”.
On mouseover only shows the description and “Phyton: SpaceView3D.lock_camera

Thanks in advance.


No need to learn Python. With some trial and error, I found the right place. Follow this path:

File (Menu) >> Settings >> Input >> 3D View >> 3D View (Global)

Go down to find the button: Add New

Expand the new created line… because Blender doesn’t do it by default. :no:

In the text field which says “none”, type: wm.context_toggle [RETURN]

A new text field labelled “Context Attributes” appears. Type: space_data.lock_camera [RETURN]

Define the shortcut. (Some more trial and error will be necessary to find a free one.) Close the Settings window. It should work already.

Don’t forget: CTRL U to save the so-called “User Settings”.

Just for the reminder, Blender saves its settings in a blend file so you may want to “clean the room” (CTRL N) before to define your new shortcut. :wink:

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Thanks you!
Works like a charm! :smiley:


Thank you! I find it very useful. Thanks Davide for asking, otherwise I would be searching all over the net for a solution.

Research is always a good starting point.
Very often you can find solutions to problems that do not knew you had … :yes:
But when the search fails … Blenderartist is the best place to ask!

Another interesting site

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