add thickness on render time

(metaclay) #1

Hi, i created snow fall. The snowflake is a flat 2d plane/grid with snowflake texture on it. The problem is because it’s a flat grid/card/plane (means has zero thickness) , when the snow is rotating or twirling around and at the time when that plane is parallel to the camera view (so you see a flat line) then it won’t visible in the render ? it creates an effect as if the snow is on and off during the falling.

  1. How can i fix this the simple way without too much adding too many additional faces/geometry ?

  2. How can i fake this in render time so the zero thickness plane (when parallel) will have a thickness so it will be visible in render output.

  3. or any other tricks ?


(ChameleonScales) #2

if you’re rendering with Cycles, pure geometry actually renders faster than alpha planes, so I’d suggest modeling your snowflake