Add this to your desktop at work

Nothing fancy or extreme, just a quick bit of concept art on my break at work. I thought about making the cups extend forever but I think that would be a bit too overwhelming. Please give me your thoughts…remember this was made on my lunch break at work lol.


.hehe…simple and effective.i love it.keep up the great work!

Turn up your AO samples, it’s too grainy. Or was that what you were going for?

Hopefully this one is a bit better…


There are some freakydeke sub-surfacing glitches on your rims. I think these only occur when the sub-surface mesh has fully creased 90> degree angles. You might want to consider–assuming the mesh to instanced instead of duplicated–adding lowering the crease a bit and add a couple edge loops instead.

Rule number one: Always change the cheesey blue background.

I loved the contrast of the blue background. However, I am always open to new ideas; what do you suggest?

The blue background is just the default and I see it very frequently on the forums. Sometimes it’s just better to never leave anything on the default settings because we’ve all seen it a million times. A black background will give the most contrast to the cups.

Or, like, a different shade of blue. Or a faint fradient, at least. There’s nothing wrong with blue, it’s just when people on this forum see that hue of flat blue background, they choke.