Add tiny details (scratches and wrincles) problem in sculpt mode

Hi! help me please to understand how can I add tiny details (scratches and wrincles) correctly on high poly mesh in sculpt mode? I increase the resolution of the model but when I try to make some scratches and wrincles on the mesh there is ragged and pixeled line with artifacts happens all the time… I don’t understand yestarday I did some smooth wrincles without those artifacts and jagged lines on this mesh… I use dynotopo, about 200+ resolution and “subdivide edges” only choosed… but does not helping… give me advice please, Thanx… screenshots and gif file attached…

I whant to get something like that result with wrincles:

butI get this:

here is gif:

can you upload your blend file?

Thanx for answer! yes I have blend file (link below). I noticed interesting thing about those artifacts… I find the blend file I saved yestarday (when everything was fine and wrincles lines were created smooth)… and on this file everything is fine lines is smooth (I tried sculpt on face of the dino). But when I make some changes with the body of dino after that artifacts (jugged lines) appears… even on the face of the dino dispite the fact that couple seconds ago lines have been created smooth without artifacts on face part of the dino.
Here is the link on two files “befor the problem” and “with the problem”. You can try to make some lines on the mesh in file “before problem” and you will see that lines is ok… and open the “problem” file and you will see that on the same mesh there is no way to make smooth lines anymore… as I told higher the problem start happens after you will try to sculpt on the body of the dino.
So I try to understand the principles of the problem to understand how to avoid it in future… Thanx
Link for files:

i think it’s got something to do with the brush size or the resolution of the detail surrounding where the crease is to be brushed.

I tried to play with this but it’s not help… unfortunateley this bug happens, and there is no understanding how to control this and avoid it… I attached the models you can try by yourself if you whant