Add Update Imported model option to the FBX, DEA & SketchUp importers (Updates for USD Format?)

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Thanx @Yodus

It works:tada::confetti_ball::tada:!!

Any chance to add this option to both the FBX, collada DEA and SketchUp importers??
Eventually it would be nice to have a update model option like Lumion/Twinmotion/Keyshot/3Ds max. being able to keep materials,modifiers and animations would be totally awesome!!

Workflow like ArchiCad and Cinema 4D’s interopability is what I’m aiming for:
I mainly use Revit and sometimes Archicad.

Anyone here who can enhance the FBX, DEA and SketchUp importers to do this or at least
be able to update model while retaining materials?

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Similarly, I’d love to be able to ‘Append’ or ‘Link’ FBX or Obj (or more modern formats like gltf)!

Well then Michael…lets get the word out then.
Lets see what this brings

I’ve had success with gltf format, retaining materials between Sketchup and Blender. SU has free gltf plugins for import and export - not sure if SU Pro is a requirement though. SU can export to fbx, but you need to convert it to binary (autodesk has a free converter available).

What I would really like is if there was a way to export SU ‘scenes’ to cameras in blender - not sure if anybody has a workaround?

Wow Coo, thanx For the tip.
Never really looked into the gltf format.
Let me see If ArchiCad exports to this format, if not…I’l try ArchiCad > SketchUp > Blender and see if i can do a proper update of the model.

I thought SU scenes where automatically translated as camera’s, guess not then

Thanx For the Tip!!

It would be great!

any update?

Nope, no updates yes,

I was looking into this again.

I had some results using the glTF format as @Graham_Wheaton suggested. But not with the newer Blender versions though.
I asked @Pablo_Vazquez once during a live YouTube stream if they would implement this update Imported object feature, he said yes. But unfortunately no update on this since.

Here are some links to other forums discussing this:

Hi everyone!

Any updates on this topic?
Was wondering if anyone tried to update models with the USD format while maintaining the addes/edited materials

Hi everyone!

I wanted to revisit this import while retaining blender appended materials topic once more. Since Blender 4.0 is out and really awesome!

I also found this article way back:

Does anyone have any tips/updates on this front?