Adding a 'block' from a shaped plane.

Hi people,

I’m working on an important project. Trying to create a 3D impression of a baby fetus, which I think i’ve succeeded at doing. Now I need to add a ‘block’ to the bottom of the model which will then be able to be sent to a 3d printer.

I’m kinda new to blender, and can’t figure out an easy way of making this block.

Here’s what I have so far:

I would like the finished model to look something like this

But one connected model, without the ‘Holes’ in the side.

And tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Just use “Ctrl-J” to join the two objects

In edit mode you can use the addon “loop tools” to close the gaps or do this manually.

BTW. Nice idea!

I would extrude the base out:
A) Hot key, [Shift] +[A] to select the edges all around.
B) [E] Extrude edge in Z-axis.
C) [S] Scale the created bottom edge and enter zero.
[E] Extrude the edges again but don’t translate.
Hit [W] and select Merge at Center.

I’m using blender 2.5X, so SHIFT+A does not select the outside edges. Is this possible in 2.5X?

Ridix is right if you want to extrude the curves to form a solid block. However you will not get any additional base frame. I picked up ridix’ suggestion to show you how this can be done.

1.) Select your object with RMB.

2.) Go into edit mode by pressing the “tab”-key.

3.) Make sure that the footer panel is set up as below:

4.) Make sure that no orange line is showing up by pressing the “a”-key.

Now hold down “alt”-key and with RMB select one outer edge of your model. The selection will be epanded to the whole edge of the selected side.

You may change your view with the “1” to “9” keys on the numpad.

Then hold down the “shift” and “alt”-key simultaneously an select another outer edge.

Keep holding down “shift” and “alt”- keys while selecting the other two outer edges of your model.

This will leave you with an orange frame around your model.

5.) Press “e”
6.) Press RETURN
This will create a set of new linked vertices at the selection.

7.) Press “s”
8.) Press “z”
9.) Press the numpad zero-key
10.) Press RETURN
This will scale the newly generated vertices in the “Z”- axis only, zero blender units off the object center. Therefore all vertices are leveled out at the same “Z” coordinates.

11.) Press “ctrl” and “tab” simultaneously
Select “Vertex” in the pop-up window
This will select the vertices instead of the edges.

12.) Press “g”
13.) Press “z”
14.) Use the mouse for adjusting the socket of your model. Use RMB to proceed.
This will define the bottom edge of your model.

15.) Press “e”
16.) Press the numpad zero-key
17.) Press RETURN
This will close the bottom side of our model.

I really hope that I have not forgotten any step

And if you want to have some kind of wooden socket frame, just adjust the lower edge in step 14 to be leveled with the bottom of the model.

Then proceed with:
14 a) Press “e”
14 b) Press “s”
14 c) Press “shift-Z”
14 d) Use the mouse for adjusting the socket size of the wood block.
For finishing use RMB and proceed with steps 12 to 17

In reality it takes just a few seconds but to jot the steps down is quite challenging.