Adding A cad to the interface.

I have looked at many different cad software programs. Currently I have freecad. I been a fan of blender since I found out about it. But I have yet to hear of anyone using it as cad software. I asked about using it to simulate real world testing and was pretty much given a flat out no as an answer.

I want to bring this type of programming into blender. From this Idea entrepreneurs, young inventors, ect, could bring on a great deal of development to the world. Blender being free alone is enough to bring on a revolution in itself for young animators with limited budgets and such.

Bringing in a cad component would do the same for development of small manufacturers and such.

I believe in blender enough that I am willing to give 1/4 of every paycheck I receive from Google to the foundation.

I know nothing of how to work code which is why I’m not programming this myself.

Anyways. I want to know what you all think.

Hey ShogunStudios
I too am interested in seeing more CAD tools built into blender.
Currently though there are a couple of great addons that may serve as inspiration.

Any specific CAD tools you find missing?

blender has no volume-based mesh modelling system, and uses floats for coordinates - can be a problem for high-precision CAD stuff.

Agreed. Blender will not (and should not, imo) become a full CAD program. SCG and double precision and all that is too much work for a limited user group that is not really part of what blender aim to be.
Yet when I model big city expanses or houses I often would love to see some of the “drawing tracking”/reference features from most CAD programs. Look at the drawing functions in autocad or indeed sketchup.

I will admit it has come a long way and we are nearly there im my case.
Look at the brilliant section tools.
I wish Blender could export .dwg from flat polys and have a decent drawing tool.
I would be able to ditch Acad for good. //rantshutdown