Adding a mesh plane in three-view car modeling

I’m trying to add a mesh plane in three-view in Blender 2.62 for the purpose of lining up blueprints for 3D car modeling. Half of the screen on the left I have chosen for top view and the other half of the screen I have chosen for the other views, having divided it into two parts: the upper part being my front view and the bottom part being my side view. I added a plane in the top view first and covered the car with it and successfully scaled my front and side views to the proper width and length, then deleted that plane. After this I commenced to add a mesh plane to the front view on the upper right of the screen in order to stretch it on the y-axis for the purposes of creating proper height scaling on the front and side views, but when I do this the plane manipulates in the top view instead of the front view. What am I doing wrong? I clicked in the front view when working but it’s acting as if my cursor is in top view and manipulating the plane there instead. I have noticed that there is only one place to add a plane in Blender 2.62 and that is on the extreme upper left of the overall screen under the header “Add”. In older versions of Blender you could click on the space bar to add a mesh plane wherever you are on the screen but not in this new version.

never had thsi problem before
use the Quad views instead and it should work fine !

for adding
just spacebar and write pla an then it will get the add plane !


Thank you very much, Ricky. I will try that today.

It worked! In my initial description I was mistaken though about stretching it on the y-axis in the front view. It needed to be stretched on the z-axis. Tapping spacebar and typing in “add cube” worked just great as well. Problem solved, and I didn’t have to go into quad-view either. Thank you Ricky.

Use Shift-A to add objects, I recommend using the option align to view in user preferences under the editing tab (new objects) to avoid this problem, if by chance you don’t want an added object to be aligned to view after adding it you can either toggle this option off after adding it or by hitting Alt-R after you adjust the objects parameters, Alt-R wont work in edit mode however so you will have to use the toggle option.

One of the major reasons that people do not like using quad-view (other then independent display modes) is the fact that the views cannot be rotated, but if you go to the properties tab (N-Key) under display you can toggle “Lock” off so that each view can be rotated, there are also some other nice options there for quad-view.