Adding a second Bone structure

Hey guys,

i remodeled TARS from Interstellar and at the moment I’m doing the Bone Structure and try to animate him.
Most of my Bones work like expected and he can move and use his arms at this point.
I only got one Problem. TARS from Interstellar got 2 Versions of Moving with different rotation axis. One is in the upper third or him and one in the middle. The upper third one works, but I don’t know how to make it possible, to switch the axis while animating him. I put the Blender file in the attachements (i would, but it didn’t work so here is a dropbox link instead:

It would be nice if anyone could help.

PS: Here is a link of the different moving options for him:

I hope you can see what I mean…

Thx for the help.

I believe that the best way to solve this is to simply use one set of armature; I don’t know if this will work for your scenario exactly, but what I personally would do is to make two armatures that aren’t connected to one another and then make a parent bone that would control them both (which would make things like moving the entire model easier)

To have 2 different control rigs you will need an intermediary set of bones. This 3rd set is set for deformation only and will not be controlled by you. You will have 2 copy rotation constraints on each bone, copying the rotations of each of the corresponding bones of the rigs. Then setup a driver to control the influences of the copy rotation constraints.

This is 1 way to do it. It’s basically what I do for IK / FK switching.