Adding a Video to a plane in Cycles Render

Hi Guys, I apologize if this is already a thread.

I have created an iPhone and am using it in Cycles Render. I have the intention of adding a video to it so I can show off an app we are working on. I can easily add a video on Blender Render, but have not been able to figure out how to do while in Cycles Render. Does anyone know how to do this, or know what avenues I can pursue to make this happen?

Thanks guys!

Here is a picture for reference.

That’s quite simple… You do the same thing than for a texture: Texture Coordinates, Image Texture and you plug the color output where you want: mixer, shader, etc. The only difference is that you load a video instead of a single image. More options will appear.

Very basic example:

What more? Do you want some help for the facepalm? :wink:

Thanks for the picture. That should help. I’m rather new to the program and have no previous experience, so everything I’m learning is through trial and error, so no facepalm. More like a thumbs up when I get it right.

After following your advice to the best of my knowledge and understanding of the program, this is my result. Does anyone have any idea why it isn’t working. Remember, I’m an extreme novice, so if there is anything that would seem obvious, I very well may have missed it. Thanks! :smiley:


This magenta color is Blender’s way of saying: Missing file.

For some reason, it can’t find your video. Just remember that by default Blender doesn’t store textures, videos, sounds, etc in the blend file. Such assets must be store in a safe place and not moved away until you delete the blend file itself. So… Re-load!

For example, you don’t put your video on the desktop to find it more easily and then delete it. That would be like pulling the carpet from under Blender’s feet. It will turn magenta in pain… :wink:

I just made a test to be sure.

Yep! Still working… :smiley: (Note that I used an Emission shader at low power this time. Screens always emit light.)

Thanks. I really appreciate your help so far. I did get this to work with a picture, but I still can’t seem to get this to work with a video file. Any idea why?

Nope… No idea. It just works for me. Image or video, it’s as if Blender didn’t see the difference.

Check your video. The video I used:

Use the Download Helper plugin (available for Firefox and Chrome) to download the 720p MP4 file. At least I know it works.

When I use video in cycles I almost always go with a PNG sequence as the source for the animation. Use the image texture and select the first image in the png lineup. Then toggle the menu from single image to image sequence. Now set the number of frames and also enable auto refresh. And you’re done!

Also, you should know that there’s a free textured and nicely modeled iPhone that you can use from VideoCopilot - available on their website to download. Seems to good to be free but according to the license you’re free to use in commercial works. Enjoy!

Awesome. Thanks for all the help guys, I’ll check it all out.