Adding Addons To Mac

I am so sorry. I have searched for solutions, but nothing is working. Can someone please explain, in simple terms, how to install add ons to Blender on a Mac? I can hammer this out no problem on a PC, but a Mac -at least for me- seems to have a slight learning curve that my ancient mind cannot get on.
I do not seem to have a application support folder.
I CAN add single .py files. But some add ons have folders with multiple files. Do these files in these folders need to be installed one by one?

Thank you for your assistance and please excuse my ignorance.


I am sure you do. You want
Users/user/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.70/scripts/addons
Unfortunately, a couple of versions ago Apple had a brainfade that made them think that hiding the user Library folder was a Good Idea. The easiest way to unhide it is to hold Option while pulling down the Finder’s Go menu: you will see ‘Library’ magically appear (probably in between ‘Home’ and ‘Computer’). Once you have the Library folder open, drill down to addons.

I CAN add single .py files. But some add ons have folders with multiple files. Do these files in these folders need to be installed one by one?

Not usually. If it is a well-designed Python module (among other things, the folder should contain an ‘’ file), you just add the whole folder to addons.

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copy/paste this
chflags nohidden ~/Library/

exit terminal.

That’s it.
Now hidden library is unhidden until your next update from apple. LOL
When this happen, do the same again.
and lol

Hello James,

Many addons are easiest installed from within Blender.
User Preferences and click Install from File point to the addon zip file and click Install from File and finally enable the addon.


I’ve been wondering about that for some time now, MCollett. Thank you. It’s just so simple it’s hard – like a lot of things about Macs.

I usually just right-click on the and choose Show Package Contents. Then a folder window will popup and you can navigate down to the addons folder Windows style. Just copy the folder or file in.

That does work (and is the way I used to do it myself); the catch is that if you put addons inside the .app instead of in the library, they won’t be copied with the rest of your preferences when you upgrade to a new version.

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I am new to a Mac and just realizing that as well. Each time I pull down a new version of Blender I have to re-copy all my AddOns back in. I may have to try the Library approach.

Thanks a lot gang! All this really helped. Reminds me of Linux.

[SOLVED]I added the archmesh folder containing the _init_py to my addons but none of the items show up in preferences.

using Mac OS 10.9 Blender 2.7

restarted Blender second time and everything showed up (Must be problem with the guy at the keyboard)