Adding Ambient occlusion

I’m trying to add ambient mapping to one of the building but because the building is build by separate shapes and tilling texture the UV are different. Is there any easier way to add the ambients or I have to redo everything?

Can you post a bigger pic with the problem circled, or explain it better please?


You can use multiple UV maps, and set the baked AO to a ‘multiply’ layer.

Sorry Fligh. I not really got with my English. Ok! The building on on the right with the texture is builded with separate cubes and the one on the left is the same building but all joined together into a single object with a bake ambient. What I’m asking is Is there a way to add/use that bake ambient on to the right building with the separate cubes. 2 of those building have a different UV properties so is there a way to use the bake ambient together with the textures? Or I should have to joint all the cubes together into one and remap the texture and rebake the ambient into 1 image file?

Sorry, I can’t help you. I didn’t even know you could bake AO.


No problem! Thanks for trying.