Adding custom groups to add menu globally


I know this sounds like it probably belongs to the UI section, but I think it’s more appropriate to put it here.

Basically, I could not get over the fact what a PITA it is to shade with Cycles because you always need to re-create your material from scratch, compared to the other softwares where you just drop in universal material, plug in textures and you are good to go.

So I’ve created my own Corona/V-Ray style material for cycles:

It works perfectly, but now I am struggling to make the workflow streamlined by having the material at my hand in every scene. Is it possible to take this group and somehow “compile” it or save it somewhere so it becomes part of my blender globally? So that if I open Add menu in any of existing or new scenes, this material will always be at my hand? Or even possibly hotkey it, so after pressing a key, a new material is dropped in?

This would make my life so much easier.

I am attaching a scene with this material in case anyone wants to play with it. You just need to plug in your own HDRI into environment bitmap as it is not included. (124 KB)
Thanks in advance.