Adding Detail??

I am working on a War Of The Worlds Tripod and something I am doing bad on other than the legs is the detail all around. This is going to be a game model so i have to keep it kinda Low Poly. But ill talk about the head for instance, the picture I am looking at has antennas on the head with little shapes sticking out. The head on my model doesnt have any detail at all. How would I go about modeling that small detail?

My model:

Actual movie model:…0…1ac.1.64.img…1.12.699.0…35i39k1.vQ3zwdv2rjo#hl=en&tbm=isch&q=war+of+the+worlds+tripod+head&imgrc=3VXOgEci2cOMNM:

you model the basic shape and then use UV mapping + texture painting to paint a normals map. UV mapping is a way of precisely painting textures, and normals mapping is a way to fake depth and detail using a texture instead of polygons.