Adding Frames

I’m wondering if its possible to add frames at the beginning of a scene, I have already created the animation with quite a lot of IPO curves for different things, so if its possible to select all the ipo’s simoultaneously and move them that would be awesome, but i can’t work out how to do it.

press a with the mouse inside the IPO window
then when they are all selected press G and drag them to where you want them to be
(press X or middle mouse to contrain to the X-axis)

Its all about the NLA editor, just be careful to make sure you select keys that are on seperate layers (use box select).

the same thing applies inside the NLA editor

make sure all the strips are visable and press A

you can also hold Shift when you select them

I think he wants to know if you can edit more than one object IPO simultaneously… Unfortunately there is no way to edit more than one IPO (at this time)…well…that I know of.

What you can do is like what the other suggested. Render out the whole animation and then append it to some more frames using the SE (sequence editor). I have also found that rendering out the whole animation as .PNG or .tga’s makes this useful. Later you can import them as a strip in the SE and then play around with frame numbers easily…