Adding Images to models

I need to add DVD cover art to a 3D DVD Model that I have. I have several models that I have to choose from. I just need to get one of these to work! It’s driving me crazy because it seems so easy!

In preferences, under Add-Ons, find “Import Images as Planes”, and it’ll bring the image in, placed on a flat plane for you to mess with. That’s easy if you’re just trying to add the DVD cover.

If you want to do the DVD as a case, you could import the 6 sides and assemble it quickly out of the planes. But be careful if you want to add more verts to the plane - the coordinates are locked to those corners, and if you add more verts, as soon as you move those verts the image will distort.

Of course, my answer is the complete opposite of your question - you want to add images to models, and my answer is to create new models with the images on them.

You can also add the image to the material, but my own experience has been a frustrating one… trying to position an image exactly where you want it on an existing mesh is a whole lot of trial and error.