Adding lot's of objects speed in 2.9?

are there some parameters to change to make blender go way faster to add objects ?
if possible with API commands

1 - may be turn off history and how

2 - is there a way to add objects without updating the scene for each objects added

3 - any other things that can help to make blender work faster ?

thanks for any feedback

happy cl

You could try loading the objects ahead of time, if they are similar, you could try using instances instead of separate objects [ALT-D] instead of [Shift-D], and if you need them to move faster, run them as multiples of frames rather than frame-by-frame.

no anim for time being

just adding new ob with mat and already using instancing
i get like 1000 ob in 0.3 sec
10 000 in 87 sec

so as soon as you get over a few 1000 BL gets sluggish quickly

happy bl