Adding materials in the GE? (Solved.)

ello community!

Thanks in advance for everyone that helps :), I’m having trouble with use of blenders built in materials in the game engine. More or less the materials that I assign just don’t display on the object. Can anyone go over how this is done or point me to a tutorial that deals with this?

So I need to know which built in materials work in the game engine. How to properly apply them to a object for use in the game engine I’m not really interested in rendering, I am going to use smooth groups so there will be only material per object. but multi objects sharing the same material if that makes sense? So I don’t need anything right this minute that explains multi materials on multi faces just image-less materials in the game engine

I have been modeling more than learning about materials and the game engine so I’m lacking a bit in those area’s so I’m sorry If what I’m asking don’t make sense or using wrong terms. Thanks in advance community!

You need to bake textures, procedural ones don’t work in the GE.

Thanks shadowbane, That explains why it didn’t work for me lol. You see I have always been under the impression from something I read somewhere (which I can’t find now.) that starting with blender 1.43 or 1.44 that you would be able to use procedural textures in the game engine…

hummmmm Think I can find some tutorials on baking, I just couldn’t find any on procedural textures and now I know why. woot!

Thanks! again. :slight_smile: