Adding Music to an animation

OK, this may be a dumb question, but I’ve never used music in an animation.
How do I add the music?

You have to render the animation first, then add the music with another program, such as VirtualDub for windows, I don t have a link right this moment, but if you google it, you can find it. If you dont have windows, I think there are other programs for other OS’s, but I dont really know which ones… I think later blender versions will have support for adding music, but I dont remember if that was going to be in it, or just a request…

you can place audio strips in blender and use them as a timing reference for animation. when done, use the button “Mixdown” and blender will create one signle wav out of all audiostrips used. this will have the same length as your animation. then comes the part ong is talking abt: combining the video track with the audio track for the final movie (Avi, QT or such).

When these audio tracks are placed in blender for timing, how do you interactivy listen to them without playing through the entire clip of audio? What I want to do is place my cursor at a point in the timeline, press the play in 3d window command and hear the audio that goes along with that section and when I tell it to stop playing the animation the audio stops as well. Is this possible? If so how? All I have been able to do is see the waveform and also play the entire selected audio clip on it’s own, not along with my animation playing. Thanks.