adding new ob at cursor ?

what do you change in 2.62 to add new object and were to get it added at the cursor location ?


I didn’t know there was any other mode for new objects. Where is it currently going?

don’t know i tried again and now it works fine

sometimes when i model things and add new primitives they get added somewhere else
don’t remember that in 2.49

and in 2.62 i think it does not add where the cursor is located sometimes
so i tough there was a set up for adding object in viewport !


By default new objects are placed at cursor location. I thought this could be changed in User Preferences, but this doesn’t seem to be the case (should be though).

After adding object, and you can’t find it, just press Alt+G to place it at the center

i’ll try to take note if this happen again !

how about when appending

don’t see the at cursor like we had in 2.49 !


If you add a new object you can adjust the basics including the location and orientation in the bottom part of the tool panel. (“t”-key)

Can You explain more precisely, please