Adding objects to a .blend.

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Please forgive me for such a silly question. I am learning to love the interface but for the life of me, I can not figure out how to add an object (.blend file) to another .blend file. All I want to do is model objects separate from the scene in which I will combine them. What am I missing?

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First, make sure you’re not using 2.37. Upgrade to 2.37a.

Open to the file to which you wish to add the object. Press Shift-F1 and select the file --> Object --> the object you wish to add, and press “Load Library”.

That’s it!

P.S. In the File menu it’s called “Append”.

Hello. To add the contents of one .blend to another you need to append
its data to your current scene.

Open your new file. Then go to File>Append and select the old .blend from the file menu. Left click on it and select the catagory of objects you want to append from. Then select the object by name and click Load library. It should then appear in the new file in its native layer. You can load more than one object by holding Shift anf Right-clicking a group of objects before you hit Load Library. To load a whole scene just Choose Append>File Name>Scene. Then select the right scene and load.

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Let me add a little to this, if you are using Linux and have glibc higher than what Blender expects the append feature will be broken. You will have to use the pre-compiled version.

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Just wondering. Have you tried just modeling your objects in separate layers?

Actually you can do this within a single .blend file.

Go to the SCE (Scene) menu at the top right and choose Add New>Empty.
This adds a new empty scene. After you’ve added and populated all your scenes, you can link the data between them.

Go to each scene via the SCE menu and, in Object Mode, select the objects and hit Ctrl + L. From the menu choose To Scene. Select the scene that everything should appear in.