Adding post_draw creates a new small square

So i’m trying to render the whole objects after the motion & physics are done by using post_draw. for my filter.however, it creates an annoying small square (left down)

and for some reason it also doesnt renders the scene after the physics are done :spin:

does any one have solution for this?
BetterBloomFilter.blend (741 KB)

upbge supports offscreen render, and FBO etc, maybe it will fix your issue,

even if it does not, Tristan and Youle and the upbge team have quite a bit of a knowledgebase now, and could probably help you get it working*

Yeah, use unity. It will fix this issue.

Please do not reply anything not related from its point. I want a solution for this issue, not finding an engine that has bloom filters.

Hi @kitebizelt
Ive made a new build of fbo-branch Win64 with 4 bug fixes pls test it. (bugfix: It fixes the culling quad draw for the water filter, stereo gray clear and glitch on blenderplayer resize and fix crash with render to texture)
link ->