Adding Rotations in the NLA Editor

Hello everyone!
Could someone please help me?
I’ve got a problem with the NLA Editor. I want to add two NLA tracks. I’ve got a figure that is supposed to be walking. I created 3 actions for that. One action for the walking movement*, one action for the places the figure is supposed to walk to*** and one action for turning the whole figure to the direction** it is walking.
For the actions, I used keyframes on the bones of the figure.
The problem is, When I arrange the tracks like this:


And set the Blending-mode of “steps” to “Add”, the rotations of the walking animation won’t actually add to the turning animation like I want them to. It works more like the actions are set on what I would expect from multiply (both actions are present but weakened). On the other hand, when I use “Multiply”, the figure will only change location without turning or actually walking. “Replace” only makes the figure walk, but not turn and using “Substract” will mess up the whole animation.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Make sure “auto-blending” is off

Thank you very much for your answer, Aligorith!
Unfortunately, removing the check in the “Auto Blend In/Out”-box doesn’t solve the problem. The settings for Blend In and Blend Out have both been at “0.000”, though. So I guess the check didn’t change anything. :frowning: