Adding Studio Highlight

Studio Lighting is used in most professional studio photography. It is a flash with large rectangular diffuser on it. So in most studio photographic image, the diffuser shows up as a highlight on the reflection. Look at the water bottle image below.

I am trying to recreate this highlight; you know, to make it look “photo real.” In order to do that, I added a plane with Emit of 2. That gives me the rectangular highlight reflection on the shiny object as in the second image below. As you can see I get the reflection but if Emit plane gets in the way of camera, it shows up on render. How do you set the blender up so that Emit plane gets reflected on object but the plane itself don’t get rendered in camera view?


Why don’t you just use a reflection map on the sphere?

You could bake an EnvMap texture for the object while the plane is present, then move it to another layer and render the scene?

Typically Studio Lighting is quite large around the subject. And give off somewhat like diffused lighting under a cloudy sky. Here is my experiment done in C4D. With C4D I just set the diffuser not seen from camera. It will not be rendered. I had 3 large diffusers all around the ring. I put over 20 lights all around to give sharp specula lights. Image A is without the diffuser. Image B is with diffuser. Highlight pattern is quite complex. I suppose I could come up with some type of EnvMap to do the same. But that is going to be tough.


Why not do what real photographers do, and position your “softboxes” off camera, moving them as you recompose the shot?

I suppose I could come up with some type of EnvMap to do the same. But that is going to be tough.

Actually in Blender it’s not that tough - you just have to create a texture and map it to the object using the Relf mapping coordinates, then change the texture type to “EnvMap”, increase the resolution, and then render the scene with the plane. This will also render the environment map and map it to the object. Then remove the planes and re-render the scene. This should work.