Adding text box in panel

I am fairly new to blender and extremely new to python. I have searched and tried everything I can think of.

I am trying to add labels and textboxes to a panel. I can get the labels to show with no problem but after that I get stuck. How can I add a textbox into the panel where I can insert a string? Can someone give me some sample code to show me how to do it? Thank you.

the cookbook has plenty of examples of interface drawing :

At present you will not be able to (easily) update bpy.props.StringProperty(), or any other scene property for that matter, in your panels poll() or draw(), this is by design.
The panel is for using sliders, tick-boxes, and user input etc., used to set these values. You can read the current values of those sliders from draw() tho.

Show a code example of what you are trying to do , if you get stuckā€¦

Thanks for the link. What I needed was to store the string data in the scene properties.