Adding Text to object

I wanted to make a green eraser. I wanted to texture the eraser with my own color (green) through blender. But I wanted a word on the top of that says “selectum”. So I made a word in gimp, and saved it as jpg. I took the top face and clicked “unwrap” and uv-mapped the text onto the top of the eraser.

The eraser shows up comletely white (my text background), so it hid blender’s color underneath, and it repeats itself many times. I read that I can make the background of image transparent, but how do I turn on transparency in blender? And how do I disable texture repeat? I also tried importing a png, and it shows up all black…

Attached is my blender file. Thanks a lot for nay help! I did a lot of modeling with blender, but just recently started texturing.


eraser.blend (148 KB)

Hi, I think you want to render this?

The erasers is just white in the Viewport, because your viewport is set to TextureMode.

To make your Black and white Jpg transparent you have to disable the Texface Button in the Material
and assign Texture in the Material Texture Buttons as well.

You can check the settings in the attached file.
Just hit Render and you can view the Text on the eraser.



eraser_changed.blend (140 KB)

Ohhh I see, thanks a lot! That was very helpful.