Adding texture to 3d-Printed objects

I am trying to add a human skin texture to an object to be 3dprinted using an SLA printer.

I’m trying to implement that by applying “Subdivision Surface” followed by “Displace” modifiers.

My problem is that I am not getting the necessary resolution for the texture map to trully show on the object surface. Instead of looking like skin or leather, I only get this pixelated look shown in the uploaded image. I think that if I could keep increasing the parameter “Levels Viewed” in the “Subdivision Surface” tool, it would work, but the max level is stuck at 6.

What can I do to to give the necessary detail level to this surface?

This appears to be just a plane, possibly extruded slightly. You don’t have anywhere near enough geometry for displacement, and cranking up the Subdiv is not going to help. Your subdiv should really never be higher than 4- 2 is enough for 90% of cases, 3 for super super high resolution renders (> 4k). You need to instead go into edit mode, take the plane, and subdivide it manually. A lot. (press W and choose Subdivide, or press Ctrl + R, scroll up to 50, repeat on both directions) You might try starting with a Grid mesh, instead of a plane mesh. Either way, you need probably 50 subdivisions AND the level 2 subdiv before you’ll have enough geometry for displacement to show up.

Hey, so I’ve uses this method before for real displacement for 3D printing. I’d recommend using Multires instead of subsurf. For this purpose, it’s cleaner and more efficient.