Adding .tga file extension in OS X

(TGVoz) #1

Where or how do I tell Blender Publisher 2.25 to add the .tga file extension to Targa files ?


(Gr8RedShark) #2

I just hit F12 to render the image, then hit F3 to save. When I prompts me for the file name I just save it as “file.JPG” (yes you have to manually type “.jpg”) or in your case “.tga”. Make sur ethat in the render buttons, the output file is set to Targa.

(TGVoz) #3

Thanks but I’m using the Targa files as animation files which I assemble using QT Pro in OS X.

Up until now I’ve been using GraphicConverter to tag the Targa files with the .tga extension. I was just trying to eliminate this extra step.


(ray_theway) #4

Do you see the “Extensions” button in the Display Buttons? It should be in the lower left corner. I don’t know if it’s in the OS X version (although it should be). If you find it, select it and render the animation again. If you don’t want to re-render, you could try opening a terminal window, cd to your directory and then do something like:

mv *. *.tga

I’m not sure if this will work, I’m just guessing from my Cygwin experience.

(TGVoz) #5

Thanks very much. The extensions button did the trick.