adding Vector Blur pdf + .blend

Hi a few mates of mine have been asking how do add vector Blur to a animation and becaues they only had a dial up internet conection they did not wish to spend to much time reading the wiki so i made this litle tutorial for them. ( then as the idiot a am i realized i could have just given them a copy of the wiki :o)

any way here it is, its in a zipped folder and contains a copy of the tut in pdf along with the .blend

Click here to Download.

cool thanks
never really understood it myself…

Cool thanks :slight_smile: I’ve never been good with bluring stuff.

thats ok glad it helped iv been thinking of makeing a video tutorial on how to use the node editor for matirials.

would that be something that would be of interest to any one and if so are there any specific things you would like to see in it?

good tutorial , thanks :slight_smile: