Adding view layer increases render time 12-fold

I’m doing a fairly simple bit of Archviz and I’m trying to use a separate view layer to composite in a background image, but the second I add a new view layer (And turn off everything but the background image plane) my render time spikes from less than a minute to 12.
Am I missing something? At most I would argue a double in time, but that 12 minute render is just the first view layer by itself, and if I set it to be the only layer to render it still takes 12 minutes.

Worst case scenario what I’m doing is really simple and I’ll just render each separately and use to overlay them, but this is ridiculous.

This is a troubling issue; are you saying that simply adding a new view layer makes the original one take 12x longer? If the new view layer took longer, that would make sense, but this is strange. When you delete the new view layer, does the render time go back to normal?

Correct. Adding a new view layer takes the original first layer which averaged around 55 seconds (for a quick low sample test) and turns it into 12 minuted. The second view layer render takes another additional 12 minutes.
I’ve ended up just rendering the background image (The second view layer should just be an “image as plane” import separately and saving it on it’s own to just overlay them in paint

*Edit, I just tried it again, but for some reason this time it decided it wanted to work properly I guess. It took the first render time from 55 seconds to 1m04s, but that’s not nearly as bad as spiking it up to 12 minutes. I have no idea why that would be the case.