Additional free software


I guess some of you use additional software to create textures and bumpmaps, to sculpt or to render. Personally, at this very moment, I only use Gimp to create seamless textures, and I’m curious what other possibilities I have to make process of creating my projects more comfortable.
I didn’t find any similar topic (if it exist, please redirect me), so maybe let’s post here our recommendations. The only condition is that program should be freeware (or opensource).
If something can be done also in Blender, but you prefer to do it in some particullar program, please explain why.

Natron for compositing:

I’ve barely used it, but it seems to be an open source clone of Nuke. Natron’s developers have been making strides to integrating it with Blender. I can’t give you more specifics than that (I’ve only been watching its development from afar), but their Facebook group has more details if you’re interested.

ALL of the software i use is Opensource ( except for the nvidia card driver)

from the Operating system ( OpenSUSE 13.2 & Scientific Linux 6.6) down to small toy programs ( mcube.cpp)




Structure Synth

G’Mic ( was GREYCstoration) uses "Cimg.h "

and so on

Krita has a brilliant seamless wrap-around mode, and also support mirror painting. And full 16/32bpc support, which Gimp misses. Essential for 16bit per channel high quality bump maps. And the painting tools are by far superior to Gimp. The newest version also introduced layer effects.

What are you waiting for? :wink: Grab it here:

Wow, thanks very much for sharing these software.

Thanks for share. Good luck.

Try, best free filters on the market and speed compared to Krita and Gimp is like comparing F1 car and a train. Try panning 1920 resolution image with Krita or filter Color to alpha …and wait 1 sec for every changes you make. Then switch to , realtime same thing. Or try to see filter in full screen previews with Gimp, no chance.

Try panning 1920 resolution image

that( 1920x1080) is a teeny tiny image
the normal SMALL image i use in 4096x2048
and the normal size is 32768x16384
with 65536x32768 to 131072 x 65536 as a big image

How dose handle a image larger than 4 gig

the other issue is it requires the Microsoft ONLY "Microsoft dot net framework 4.5 "
– not fully supported in MONO
– slow using WINE

if you use Linux or BSD or Apple
you are out of luck