Hello, small addon for Mirror modifier exatly for assigning mirror object.

Assigns mirror object for last mirror modifier in a list of modifiers.


Thank you.


Interesting idea. Thank you!

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can’t have too many mirrors.

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Updated to v1.1:

  • Added Align to Cursor location
  • Added Align to Cursor rotation
  • Mirror object dimensions = active object dimestions/(pi/2) :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

Updated to v1.2:

  • code fix. Now it works exactly with last mirror modifier in a list.

Thank you.

This is amazing! When used in combination with CADutilities, it offers intuitive, precise, realtime mirror modeling that I’ve always wanted but never had…

Yep , indeed. IMO for all modifiers should be a default gizmo or empty object and then as alternative you can choose or pick up another object - it would be nice improvement.

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Minor polishing:

  • Now scale of mirror object is more accurate

Many thanks!

In case of blender API update - script updated.

Updated to Version 1.3.1:

  • code fix in case of Blender 2.8 API update

forgive my ignorance but how is this different than the live mirror native to Blender ?

Hi PolyGreen, Live mirror is one thing and mirror modifier is another one, mirror object is for modifier, it helps you in that, with addMirrorObj you have some kind of helper for better scene reading, and reduce amount of steps for it;s creation (again in case of Mirro Modifier - > Mirror object). Many thanks!

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