[Addon] 2D images to 3D

Hi ! :slight_smile:

I come for present you my addon !

My addon transform 2 images ( front and profil ) to 3D image !

So, first you enter the name of your future 3D image.
after you choose your 2 images (front and profil), for example :

Sorry for the size, but i have a bad computer ^.^

And you choose the color (RGB) of your background (here is (255,129,192) the pink color)
and after you can choose to put the little effect, but this is a little bit heavy ^.^ (this is subdivisions)

An image for show you :

This 2 images (front, profil) need to have the seem height, that logical ^.^.

Two examples i make quickly ^.^:

You can download here : https://github.com/Wotte/2D_to_3D_blender

You need the PIL lib (Pillow) here : http://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/
(be careful if you have blender 2.70, you need to dowload Pillow‑2.4.0.win32‑py3.3.exe because python on blender 2.70 is python 3.3)

If some people want help me, it will be a pleasure :).

I’m trying to import the tkinter lib in blender, because i did a little script using tkinter for improve my Addon.
I try a lot a things, but they don’t work…
When i finish this message, i put the script with tkinter on Github if some people want help ^.^ .

Sorry for my English, i’m a French man ^.^ .

I hope you will enjoy ! :slight_smile:

Nice addon, but I have error:

Have you download the good version of Pillow ?
I think if you have the last version of Blender (2.70), so you should have python 3.3 on blender, so you need to instal
Pillow Pillow‑2.4.0.win32‑py3.3.exe for windows x32 (be careful to “py3.3”)

ok. I update python 3.2 to 3.3, and now works fine :wink: THX!

*Duble post… but I have suggestion add options: remove double and delete inside faces?

Remove double ? What do you mean ?
Yes i need to see for these inside faces ^.^, the program put one cube for one pix so is heavy, but i use blender since 10 days maybe more, so i don’t really know every things we can do, i will try something with just faces maybe, it will better but i don’t really know how to do for now ^.^ .

If you have some ideas, it will be great :slight_smile:
I’m very new with blender, and i’m new in 3D to ^.^.

Youa are new. ok. “Remove Doubles” is remove duplicate vertices. In edit mode press “W” key.
Quick test:


Oh ok, i understand, that will be better with that ! thank you ! :slight_smile:

what do you think is better :

  • Put cubes / Remove double / remove inside vertice
  • Put planes / Remove double
    I think is more quickly with planes ^.^

or maybe put 2 points and do some extrusions will be more quickly ?

Wotte, if I have 64 bit windows,an xeon dual processor computer, a nvidia graphics card, and blender 64 bit, which pillow file do I need to install? Thanks

If im not wrong pillow version depends on your blender version not the os what you use eg. 64 bit or 32

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Hi !
I explain you, for Windows 32bit or 64bit, is here : http://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/

  • Pillow‑2.4.0.win32‑py2.6.exe
  • Pillow‑2.4.0.win32‑py2.7.exe
  • Pillow‑2.4.0.win32‑py3.2.exe
  • Pillow‑2.4.0.win32‑py3.3.exe
  • Pillow‑2.4.0.win32‑py3.4.exe

All this is for windows 32 bit ( 2.40 is the version of pillow , win32 is for tell you need windows32 bit and py X.X is for the version of python on blender ! )

So for Windows 64 bit, you need one of this (is depend of you version of python on you blender):

  • Pillow‑2.4.0.win‑amd64‑py2.6.exe
  • Pillow‑2.4.0.win‑amd64‑py2.7.exe
  • Pillow‑2.4.0.win‑amd64‑py3.2.exe
  • Pillow‑2.4.0.win‑amd64‑py3.3.exe
  • Pillow‑2.4.0.win‑amd64‑py3.4.exe

@Wotte if you look on my GIF, a think better idea is Put cubes / Remove double / remove inside vertice.

@floo Oh yes but i was thinking about maybe the program will be execute more quickly with planes cause if i do with cubes, i will need to remove a lot of vertices for big images or with the faces i will don’t remove vertices, but create more ( need 6 planes for 1 full cube )

ps : On Github i put ‘remove doubles’ for now.

Wotte, thank you for your explanation and for your great script. It will be very useful.

Thank you bkjemisted :slight_smile:

what is the addon name