[addon] 3D Color Picker

Hi. I created “3D Color Picker” addon.

  • You can modify multiple colors at once.
  • You can modify colors in View3D manners.
  • Shaker feature gives you some inspirations with random color sets.


When building a color set for a scene, you usually have to choose one color at a time, taking into account the overall balance of the scene. This is always one of the most challenging tasks, even for design professionals.

We’ve rarely seen a UI that allows you to manipulate multiple colors simultaneously. (Although there are some experimental ones from Adobe).

I’ve also found that when I’ve found my color set to be boring, I’ve often taken a capture and tweaked the hues in Photoshop to find a color set that I didn’t discover. The Shaker function is more powerful, and will even suggest random color sets that you may not have imagined. (It’s not AI, it’s just a random number, but I think it’s still useful)

It’s a great add-on for beginners who can’t be bothered to even choose the first color in a color set, and for professionals who find themselves stuck in a rut with their color set.

Even if you don’t need it for the final process of building a color set, it’s fun to see unexpected color sets one after the other, and we hope you’ll give it a try.

If you want to try this addon for free,
Please contact me.


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