[AddOn] Accurate Render Border

I created small Add-on allows setting accurate coordinate values for render border.

May be useful for someone )


Thanks I have been wanting some way of doing this for a while. Perfect, just what I needed.

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Small update (v. 0.0.2)

Added checkbox to switch input mode from “coordinates - coordinates” to “coordinates - width+height”


Could you define the border region across multiple segments that exist in copies of the master scene? That way you could distribute rendering of a large single frame render on a small farm.

You should be able to say “divide my current frame into X segments/panels, then create X duplicate scenes” each would have an offset value for the render borders.

I guess then the best thing would be a compositing scene that can recognize the dimensions of each render and recombine them for a complete shot.

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Thanks, I think about partitional render in a single addon. But I think to form border, render, then form the border with coordinates offset, render next, and so on. After the finish of all rendering, a complete picture can be combined in gimp from rendered regions. But all this is only in plans.

Just thought that offset values could be transported from border dimensions (as screen values) to node>transform x,y.

However I do recognise that Blender has a memory handling issue with images of large dimensions.

Something alike: [AddOn] Monster Tile Renderer (update 15-Aug-'12) (*abandoned)?

Thank you, nice work.

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This is a field to experiments I think.

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Yes, very similar.

Thanks , excellent idea :cool:

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Good idea. Thanks for usefull addon

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