[AddOn] - Automatic Render Border

Hello friends!.
I made this tool to improve work in cycles on the viewport.
This script automatically adjusts the render border, significantly improving render speed.

PLAY / STOP: This option automatically adjust the border every refreshing blender.
The limitation of this tool is the number of vertices in the scene, you can slow blender!
MANUAL SET: This option is suitable for large scenes. Sets the value of a click.
MARGIN: It sets a margin value for selected objects.

The tool works with selected objects.
If you do not select any object tool work on all objects on the screen.

This tool will be improved over time, but it can be used.
WARNING: This tool does not work for sequences render! for now

You can download it from my repository: https://github.com/oscurart/BlenderAddons and keep it updated!
This tool will be improved, but it can be used.


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Great idea!
I can’t understand why there’s so poor interest in border render.
I mean, there’s no numeric settings exposed (they could even be animatable!)
Your addon might do the trick though. One can set an invisible “renderborder object” and then animate that, like a sort of rectangular mask

My current problem that should be solved is the edge refreshment render in sequence renders.
The border is not updated to render frame advance …

There is an addon called “animated render border” on the blender market. For about 5 euros/dollars you get a very powerfull tool with all the options needed to save you hours of rendering, even on sequence renderings. That addon still needs improvements as it freezes blender when you hit the render button, but it works just fine…the price is already saved for me on my electricity bills…

Thanks for sharing!!!

I add some updates to code, maybe someone will find this useful :slight_smile:
Now automatic render border script calculate border correctly also for shifted camera (shift x/y lens parameter).
oscurart_auto_render_border.py (5.7 KB)

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cool addon, im looking about something similar maybe you can look to improve it.

Ive send an preview of the idea, its like an tool ask selection to render just the shape and not an sqaure, it can be util when your render just layer png for compositing.

And add an tool to doing may different layer mask by layer render like that on different passe of layer render we can change the shape to render or animate the mask to follow the object in the camera.

I dont know if it4s possible but that it will be an real improvement.