[AddOn] Background Image Setting to Frame

Updated 25-Nov-17(I know, it’s been a while…)
Added option to copy a background image with most of its settings

Updated 2-Dec-16:
Fixed persistence after close

Inspired by this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjI5uinI0tw , this addon adds the ability to save background image settings to the current frame. This means you can have different settings, location for example, for any background image and switch between them by changing frames(left and right arrow keys).
These options are saved to the current frame:

  • x and y offset
  • opacity
  • show/hide
  • size
  • flipping
  • rotation


Also, there is a option to copy a background image and its settings to a new background image.

Just load your background images, adjust the settings, and click the 'Save to Frame" button at the bottom of te Background Images Panel. The images settings are saved to the current frame, and you can switch through the frames by using the left and right arrow keys.

Thanks to Craig Jones for learning me a thing or two. :slight_smile:



bg_image_to_frames.zip (1.72 KB)

Interesting and usefull. Thanks

Muchas gracias, hace tiempo quería obtener una manera de reproducir una secuencia de imágenes con las flechas del teclado :smiley:

El enlace de video en mi post describe cómo hacerlo sin mi addon, pero gracias!

I haven’t tried it yet, but I think many people may have the same question. Does it save the background images with the frames as well for the next Blender session, or do you lose the background image each time you close the Blender file?

I’m glad you asked. I had removed that while testings as it was corrupting my tests , and I didn’t put it back in. I’ve updated it with the fix. So, yes, the saved settings are saved with the blend file. Thanks.

Does this add-on work with video overlays? I tried using it with Blender 2.78c and, unless I’m missing something, I couldn’t get this to work with either still images or video overlays.

Hey very nice addon could it be somehow possible to do option to “duplicate” current background image box with all its settings (scale, location etc) and then just manually change the image after. I’m really frustrated to do these same settings for left, bottom, top image views because we can’t currently just duplicate the first made image view box.

Maybe. I’d have to figure out how to know which box to duplicate. I’ll look into it. :slight_smile:

Very useful, thanks! By the way, you can also use alt+mouse wheel to change frames so your hand doesn’t have to leave the mouse while modeling. :slight_smile:

I know it’s been a while, but actually did add this feature, I just never uploaded it. Updated now.

Thanks for making this, its super useful and saves tons of times for all of us :slight_smile: