[AddOn] Blender Lightning Generator [UPDATED 06.20.11]

Good project, dont work for me in blender 2.56 and 2.57 in windows, I will be use Lightnings effects for a personal shortfilm, I hope that the project advance and be a official addon in blender, thanks for share.

@theKAt - please let me know what the error is. I’ve made a new release that may help.

your last version work perfect for me in blender 2.57, awesome work, thankyou very much.

your link is down, any updates?

hi, we have added this cool script to contrib svn.
welcome & well done. :slight_smile:

Is this script still alive for blender 2.77 ?:wink:

still alive & in addons contrib

How to render it? i’ve assigned material but does not render ?

Hi there. Just put this awesome looking addon onto Blender 2.78. When trying to generate I get a traceback error on lines: 1164 (execute FSLG ()), 996 (FSLG eChargeListQ) and 751 (in voxelByRays).

I am using the ELobjects for ground, insulator, origin etc.

Here is an alternative: https://github.com/fletchgraham/nodevember#day-03-lightning
The blend file: https://github.com/fletchgraham/nodevember/blob/master/extras/simple_lightning.blend