[ADDON] Blender to CryEngine - BCRY Exporter

BCRY 5 Exporter is a fully asset transfer pipeline from Blender to CryEngine.

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Highlighted Features:

  • Fully Shading Exporting What you see in Blender, What you get for CryEngine about Surface Normals.
  • Multiple Animation ExportingBoth characters and geometries, you can export multiple animation with a few click.
  • Character PhysicsYou can set skeleton physics and IK limits with Physicalize Skeleton tool.
  • Player SDKNow, you can use CryEngine SDK Animations with your custom skins.
  • Generate MaterialsYou may export your materials with textures and colors at anytime.
  • Level of DetailsGenerateLODs tool creates LODs instead of you.
  • Custom NormalsBCRY supports custom normals to save normal map slot.
  • Interactive UDP SystemWith Interactive UDP System you may easily set UDPs for your meshes.
  • VCloth V2With VCloth V2, you can add to your character simulating clothes.

Big thanks for sharing this tool !

By the way , what’s the different from CryBlender ? I am using Cryblender longtime !

You are welcome :slight_smile:

BCRY Exporter is a derivative project of CryBlend.
Improved features:
• Bone axis orientations exporting.
• X-Axis bone orientation exporting.
• CryEngine Player SDK.
• Physicalize Skeleton tool.
• Generate LODs tool.
• Fully smoothing support.
• VCloth V2 exporting.
• Custom Normals.
• Generate Materials tool.
• Locator Locomotion tool.

Actually, I was last active developer of CryBlend for a while. I was planing that features for CryBlend 6 release. Then I decided go on a derivative project to speed up process.

can we use it with Amazon lumberyard which is basically a Cry-engine old version.

Lumberyard use RC.exe like CryEngine, so it theoretically should be work. But I didn’t use Lumberyard, therefore I can not say much thing. If you test it, I would be happy to hear conclusion. Just be sure check Lumberyard checkbox at export panel while exporting object.

Thanks for doing that!
I was quickly reading the document and I will have 2 questions:
I don’t see anything about the physical proxies document page?
With Cryblend we had to parent objects sometimes, do we have to do the same with Bcry exporter?

Hi StroBlend,

It’s about busyness, I will write physical proxies document whenever I have time.

There is no parent requirements neither for physic objects nor lods with BCRY.
If you want to use a separate object for physic, there are just 3 things you should keep in mind:

  • Physic proxy object has to be in same CGF node with mesh object.
  • Physic proxy object should be same pivot point location with mesh object.
  • Physic proxy object material has to be (ends with) __physProxyNoDraw property.

Looks great, so thanks for sharing!!!

Are You going to put some more tutorials online i.e. cloth exporting or how to export melee weapons? I saw a tutorial by CryBlend about making firearms, but can’t find anything about how to handle swords or axes, what nodes should i add for hilt, scabbard etc.

Hello, and thanks for a updated Cryengine export tool :slight_smile: Can we import CGFs from Cryengine/Lumberyard too? If not, that would be a great feature. Also, on you mesh exporting tutorial I see you slide the info bar icons to the left, how do you do that? Two more things: I had to put the addon here:

AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.78\scripts\addons

and not in the Steam addon directory to make it appear. I have the same problem about that it wont find
the RC. How can I fix that?

Hi Sambor, unfortunately nowadays I have no too much time to record a tutorial.

Most of the parts of creating weapon is achieved on CryEngine side with xml files. There is no any specific thing on DCC (Blender or anothers); you may export them as cgf, if your weapon have animation then you can use cga node. Only important things unit, forward direction (should be towards +Y) and the center of the object which assigned the hand of the character. Same things completely valid for scabbard.

You may also take a look that instructionsfrom CryEngine reference.

Hi Asmund,

Yes, to import would be great, but there is not such a thus feature due to technical restrictions :slight_smile:
You may slide any Blender bar with moving mouse while holding Alt+MiddleMouseButton.

Blender have two addon directory and you may use one of the them (under appdata or under directly Blender installation path), but you should not use both of them, which in that case the addon would be installed two times. As I see you chose appdata, in that case it doesn’t need to be located Steam folder.
Personally I prefer to use installation path instead of appdata such like;
D:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Blender\2.78\scripts\addons
Surely that is purely your decision.

And finally you have to specify the RC path; you can follow these instructions.

Thanks for your reply. With this we might be able to import WorldMachine meshes to Cryengine and Lumberyard now :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Any ideas how to set IK animations from BCRY to Cryengine? Bcs if to set IK constraits in blender and export to cryengine almost all bones changes axes and animation is broken. There is no such problems if to export by fbx, but in this case there are no proxies.

Please provide some tutorial for novice

So until today this addon not longer updata? not 2.8 version ,not 2.91 version. cryengine death??

Someone has updated the addon to work with 2.8+, can download it from here LeonidasWhite/BCRYExporter: BCRYExporter for Cryengine 5 ported to Blender 2.80 (github.com)
Just click on Code then download zip and you should be good to go.

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