[Addon] Boolean 2D Union

Thanks for good addon

Great addon, but I’m getting multiple instances of the Boolean 2D Union command under the Specials (W) menu.

Dude, you ROCK! Been trying to find something to such a simple task for hours! +20 beers

This doesn’t work as it should. It always leaves extra planes that I can’t seem to get rid of except manually.

Great add on, thank you so much !!!

@Quakeulf : Hi,
about the extra planes, did you try to check dissolve edges on the left panel, that appears just after the union ?

The part I wanted to fix:

The parts I selected:

After checking dissolve:

Still does not work as intended.

I am now looking into understanding and potentially improving this code. Thread here:

Thanks for this plugin! A couple years later now…are there any updates to this?

Updated for 2.80 sorta works but if you push it too hard it’ll scream at you.

2d_boolean.py (4.7 KB)



Happy new year all!

Is there not a way to make this add-on achieve all the other kinds of boolean operations too in 2D?

Happy New Year everyone!

That’d be great indeed, and I’d love it even more if Booleans would be possible on 2D curves.


running 2d boolean in 2.80.54 some how ok. i was expecting intersection on these crossing also. can it be solved ?

not able to enable the plugin in last build, am i the only one ? also tried on a virgin build

Compare your file to this and change if necessary.

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2d_boolean_2019-04-15.py (4.8 KB)

working perfectly fine, thanks !
this addon is really nice, it should be in the main build !
all add-ons like yours and tiny cads, “tilcking” cad addons should be in master


do you think that your addon with some more work could fix the intersection issue in blender ?

It’s not my addon sorry.
No Idea if it can be done.

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I converted this addon to Blender 2.80.

boolean_2d_union.py (4.6 KB)

Fixed a little bug:
boolean_2d_union.py (4.6 KB)


Sweet! Handy little addon this.